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Episode 1:

How Perfectionism Kills Your Creativity

In this episode of "Inspiration Boot Camp" I'll talk to you about why that is, how you can get rid of it and the one situation where perfectionism is actually a good thing.


Day: 8/7/22
Time: 10 AM, Los Angeles Time
Location: Online
Price: $35
Discount: $25


I'll talk about:

  • Why being a perfectionist sets you up for failure
  • How perfectionism hurts your creative process
  • The one and only time when you MUST be a perfectionist
  • Why getting rid of perfectionism makes you a happier person (and better writer)
  • Why you couldn’t let go of perfectionism in the past
  • What writers can learn about creativity from other „artistic“ professions
  • Why perfectionism slows you down and makes you less productive (and earn less than you should!)
  • How to get rid of fear of failure
  • How to write faster then ever before (and better!)
  • Proven tactics that will make you a better writer IMMEDIATELY
  • How to deal with the pressure of deadlines
  • How to set up your creative processes for writing success
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About the INSPIRATION BOOT CAMP webinar series

In the INSPIRATION BOOT CAMP webinar series I talk about the stuff that hardly any writing program or writing book (or anyone else for that matter) talks about:

What steps can writers take to become truly creative and inspired ON DEMAND?

There are two things that confuse most writers about being inspired and creative:

1. Creativity and inspiration have to do with the writing
Not in my experience.
Becoming inspired and creative has to do with everything in your life BUT the writing. It has to do with how you talk to yourself, how you structure your life, how you use your time and energy, what people you surround yourself with, how you approach the goals that you have in life, and many other things.
Writing courses don't teach this. They only teach the writing. But if you want to be a great writer the moment you sit down at your desk, all the surrounding elements in your life that happen outside of that writing time need to be in tune also.
2. Creativity and inspiration "just happen" and cannot be controlled
Again, not in my experience.
Inspiration and creativity are things that can be learned, controlled, and evoked almost every time if you know how to do it. In this INSPIRATION BOOT CAMP webinar series I will talk to you about proven techniques that EVERY writer can use to become more creative and inspired almost INSTANTLY.
I created the INSPIRATION BOOT CAMP series to let other writers know that creativity and inspiration are not something you "have" or you just "don't", but rather that you can take fate into your own hand and become a truly inspired and creative (and happy) writer. It took me years, if not decades, to learn all this.
That's why I want to share it with you and help you become the best, happiest, and most inspired and creative version of yourself possible!
About Bela Lampert
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Bela Lampert is an optioned Screenwriter and certified Yoga Instructor. He has a strong background in media production and has been fascinated by the way pictures can tell us stories since he saw his first movie in the cinema (“The Jungle Book”).

Having discovered through his own experience how to access the true voice and inspiration that lies buried in all of us, he’s intent on helping other writers unleash their creative potential so they can carry their stories out into the world and be heard.
Bela Lampert writes Thriller screenplays for the international marketplace.